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4.6 ( 1696 ratings )
Developer: Jose Brusi

Over 25 calculators for pro-audio sound reinforcement and lighting, as well as reference info and utilities. A super handy tool for people dealing with PA, sound reinforcement, sound systems, electroacoustics, pro-audio and lighting

- SPL (sound pressure level). Enter sensitivity in dB SPL, power, number of loudspeakers, phase and distance
- SPL sum
- Air absorption attenuation for a given humidity, temperature, frequency and distance
- Ceiling speaker coverage
- Time «» Distance
- Audio frequency «» Wavelength (includes lambda/2 and 2*lambda/3 for line arrays or subwoofer arrays)
- Transition distance for line arrays (near to far field)

Audio electronics
- dBu «» dBV «» Volts
- Q «» B/W (bandwidth)
- Limiter threshold
- Amplifier gain

- Speaker cable: low impedance, high impedance (constant voltage line, 70V/100V). Calculates energy and level loss, system damping factor

DMX channel, RGB/RGBW/RGBA and CMY

Reference info such as pinouts (proaudio and lighting) and graphs